Repairing my radio – Part 1

A long while back, my Yaesu VX-7R stopped working; I could transmit, but not receive. Last night, I had a weird dream which I can no longer remember, but it kicked my butt into considering repairing the radio myself. I’ve done some research, and I found an article online from another ham who has the exact same symptoms as me, and managed to repair it. In his, and several other cases who responded to his article, the cause was Continue reading “Repairing my radio – Part 1”

Bootloader recovered!

I finally got around to fixing Windows’ bull-shit. Last night, I shut down my computer to save on energy, so this morning I took advantage of the fact that I would have to boot up anyways. I plugged in my thumb drive that I prepared the other day, and loaded up System Rescue CD. I used it to mount and inspect my ESP, which turned out to be perfectly fine! Continue reading “Bootloader recovered!”

Rant: Windows over-wrote my bootloader!

I was using my Windows installation to play some games last night, and left it running when I went to bed so I wouldn’t have to wait a century for it to boot up before getting back into the game in the morning. While I was in bed, falling asleep, I heard the machine reboot, but I didn’t hear the beep that indicates the bootloader started. It’s odd, but not an emergency, so I go to sleep figuring I’ll take care of it in the morning. Turns out, that it’s lost my linux bootloader, and defaulted to the IPv6 PXE rom. Continue reading “Rant: Windows over-wrote my bootloader!”