Rant: Windows over-wrote my bootloader!

I was using my Windows installation to play some games last night, and left it running when I went to bed so I wouldn’t have to wait a century for it to boot up before getting back into the game in the morning. While I was in bed, falling asleep, I heard the machine reboot, but I didn’t hear the beep that indicates the bootloader started. It’s odd, but not an emergency, so I go to sleep figuring I’ll take care of it in the morning. Turns out, that it’s lost my linux bootloader, and defaulted to the IPv6 PXE rom.

I’m still preparing a flash drive with System Rescue CD, so I can actually look at the EFI System Partition (ESP) to verify my theory, but so far I think that Windows, in its infinite stupidity, thought it would be good to overwrite my ESP when it ran an automatic update last night (the only normal reason my machine reboots itself).

This wouldn’t be the first time this kind of bull shit has happened either. Microsoft seems to love thinking that Windows is the only OS that exists. It’s no wonder why Microsoft, and Windows in particular, garner so much hatred from the tech community. I’m seriously considering just obliterating my Windows installation and going pure Linux again. Gaming always has been and always will be the only reason I even consider using windows.

Fuck you Windows, and Fuck you Microsoft! I hope you both rot in the deepest, most painful part of the absolute worst hell that any religion believes in!