I am an independent contractor specializing in software development, a hobbyist linguist learning Japanese, and an avid computer gamer. I also enjoy biking and swimming. The name of this site comes from my Amateur Radio call-sign, which is KD0BPV.

I am a collaborator on the Aardwolf project, and contribute to other open source projects as well. If you like any of the projects I’m working on, please consider supporting my efforts! Thank you!


Net neutrality is at risk AGAIN

I knew it would only be a matter of time before corporate interests tried this crap again. I urge you to visit GitHub’s campaign page, and join the fight!

Trying to do some work? Here, have some ADHD!

Well, my ADHD kicked my ass today. I feel like I haven’t made any progress on the Fedibook project. Every time I went to look at the code, I would very shortly find myself looking at youtube or some other website instead, regardless of how badly I wanted to work on the project.