Bootloader recovered!

I finally got around to fixing Windows’ bull-shit. Last night, I shut down my computer to save on energy, so this morning I took advantage of the fact that I would have to boot up anyways. I plugged in my thumb drive that I prepared the other day, and loaded up System Rescue CD. I used it to mount and inspect my ESP, which turned out to be perfectly fine! Continue reading “Bootloader recovered!”

Rant: Windows over-wrote my bootloader!

I was using my Windows installation to play some games last night, and left it running when I went to bed so I wouldn’t have to wait a century for it to boot up before getting back into the game in the morning. While I was in bed, falling asleep, I heard the machine reboot, but I didn’t hear the beep that indicates the bootloader started. It’s odd, but not an emergency, so I go to sleep figuring I’ll take care of it in the morning. Turns out, that it’s lost my linux bootloader, and defaulted to the IPv6 PXE rom. Continue reading “Rant: Windows over-wrote my bootloader!”