Repairing my radio – Part 2

Top view of the radio, showing problematic spanner nuts.The IF filters for my radio came today. I excitedly got to work taking my radio apart to get down to the bad filters, but hit a snag. The relevant PCB is also where the volume/tuning knob and speaker/mic jack are connected to the circuitry. They are secured to the radio’s housing via spanner nuts. This means that I need a spanner wrench to free these components. Unfortunately, I don’t have one.

Tomorrow, I’ll try making my own from a soda can, but I’m not sure I can make something strong enough to break those nuts free. If that doesn’t work, I’ll hop on the radio and see if any of my fellow hams has a spanner wrench I could borrow. After all, this radio still transmits just fine, I’ll just need to use my old Uniden Bearcat scanner to listen. If all else fails, I guess I’ll have to order one of these, but I would really rather avoid spending more money right now.